Will Online Marketing Ever Rule the World?

Updated: Jul 9

There is no denying that online marketing, and social media in particular, have been a turning point of marketing for many businesses across the world. In fact, according to Buffer, 73% of marketers way back in 2019 reported social media being an essential part of their strategy! I'm sure that statistic has grown with the recent necessity of online systems for marketing and sales (thanks 2020).

While social media has continued to grow rapidly, I do believe there will always be a place for offline marketing and that it will remain the unsung hero of brand strength.

I for one stand by the importance of wearing matching team shirts for 8 hours under a branded tent, handing out pens, stress balls and other swag covered in your logo! Sometimes the extra business card I find at the bottom of my purse or under the seat in my car is the reason I go back to a brand I’ve forgotten about.

In Summary

Social media and online marketing have become somewhat of a necessity, but there will always be a place for traditional marketing. Take the time to build your digital strategy, absolutely, but be sure to leave some brain power (and budget) for offline marketing efforts.