9 Things Your Marketing Team Wishes You Would Do

Updated: Jul 9

  1. Send Pictures | Send us pictures and blurbs for what you’re doing each day, even if you’re just making a cup of coffee or sitting on the phone. Your willingness to be shared on social platforms, or to just have your picture added to a folder to be pulled from later for campaigns, makes a huge difference.

  2. Send Ideas | Tell us when you have an idea for a campaign or event, we’re always open to new ideas. Sometimes we get stuck in a rut and we need a fresh set of eyes to lead the team in a whole new direction! That being said, try to take some time to understand what efforts your marketing team is making first, it'll help you weed out any ideas that have already been tried or that may not be a good fit for your brand.

  3. Extended Networking | Made a good connection at a networking event? Tell us! We can send a small gift to strengthen the bond. The entire business benefits from a sales team and a marketing team working together. It's all about open lines of communication.

  4. Warm Up Your Outreach | Before you make a new connection with another company or brand, let us know so we can set notifications for their social media. We can be sure to like, comment and share their content, putting our name top of mind when you go to reach out.

  5. Share FAQs | Send us the questions you get asked all the time, or the out of the blue question you just got that you wish more customers asked. If they’re asking it, our website or social media should be answering it.

  6. Set Meetings | Make time to meet with us, even if it's over the phone! We need to know what's happening in the team to be able to market what makes the organization different than others. This works both ways though, you should be up-to-date on what campaigns and marketing efforts are being sent to your clients (some of them may have been signed with your name)!

  7. Volunteer for Videos | People are visual, and they want to know who they’re working with, so one of the best things teammates can do to improve visibility and brand awareness is to appear in videos for social media and email campaigns. When you're the star of a video, it's also helpful for you to share it on your own social media. Your connections will stop to watch it and it could be what brings them to the business!

  8. Improve Processes | Share your feedback on processes. If something isn’t working, that doesn’t mean the whole process should be thrown out the window! Help your marketing team improve the processes that you both use.

  9. Consider the Brand | A great deal of thought went into building a brand, but the marketing team isn't usually the ones out dealing with the public. When you're a face of or a sale person for a business, take the time to read over brand guides and resources, or sit down with your marketing team to get a better understanding of how you should be interacting with the public to stay on brand. This small gesture can make a world of difference!