14 Savvy Ways to Spend Your Marketing Budget

Updated: Jul 9

  1. Systems | Making sure you're using the best systems for your business can be the difference between smotth sailing marketing campaigns and pulling your hair out because you have to do double entry...Test out systems for scheduling, email, text, newsletter, etc. (P.S. text campaigns have much better opening rates than email)

  2. Stock Photos | While personalized photos are always preferred, there is something to be said about having access to good stock photos. There is a lot you can do with free stock photo websites, but there is often better choices when you're willing to pay for stock photos.

  3. Photographers/Videographers | Like I said, personalized is always preferred. Especially when it comes to videos, having a professional put together a solid welcome video for your YouTube channel or shoot and edit your new advertisement for Facebook and Instagram, it can make a big difference.

  4. Customer Appreciation | There is a great deal to be said for gift cards and giveaways, but be sure that your money isn't being thrown into the pot. Sending a gift card in December when your clients are already being sent a great deal of packages, mail, advertisements, etc...it can get lost in the fray. Be strategic about your Customer Appreciation campaigns.

  5. SEO Strategist | While there is a lot you can do yourself to improve your SEO, there are people who specialize in it! Getting a professional to help you improve your SEO can bring you up higher is searches and raise brand awareness. That's nothing to sneeze at!

  6. Website Designers | Your website needs constant attention, and while I stand behind the brilliance of drag and drop website platforms (thank you Wix), having someone monitoring your website for issues and making improvements as they learn new industry tricks can improve your user experience and ideally support more conversions.

  7. Graphic Designers | You didn't get into your business to spend hours sifting through Canva to find the right template, and you may not be comfortable enough i your creativity to create something from scratch. Finding a graphic designer can be as easy as sending a list of posts you want graphics for to someone on fiverr. It can be well worth the money to have someone take this off your plate.

  8. Video Editors | Videos are the next big thing in digital marketing, or rather they're the still solid old thing that people are scared to get into. Videos are a hugely popular tool in marketing in the digital realm, but having to edit videos is both difficult AND time consuming. It can be pricey to do this, but it can make a noticeable difference!

  9. Professional Printers | I've said it before and I'll say it again, traditional marketing is going nowhere! Printing things yourself may seem cheaper, but especially when you're talking specialty items that need to be stapled or folded or inserted or what have you, professional printers are the way to go! This doesn't just go for paper materials, but this could also be for some hats/jackets/etc for the team!

  10. Swag | Buying swag to hand out at events or to send in mailers to your clients can be a great way to get your logo and contact information in front of new people. It's important to be careful what items you choose, ask a few people who fit into your category of ideal client to see what they would enjoy receiving!

  11. Video/Sound Equipment | If you're trying to do your video or sound recording on your own, you'll want to invest in some decent equipment. You can go quite a ways using a good camera phone, but there is a difference (especially with sound recording) for certain projects.

  12. A Dedicated Space for Photos and Videos | You can create quite a beautiful space just by finding props in your local Target.

  13. New Headshots and Team Photos | One of the turning points for potential clients is you and your team, so having photos that match and portray the team within the brand image is hugely important.

  14. Traditional Marketing Materials | You won't want to forget about the traditional paper materials like business cards, program/campaign fliers, cards, postcards, etc. In my opinion, online marketing won't ever completely rule the world. (More on this later...)