How to Build a Content Calendar

Updated: Jul 9

When it comes to social media, consistency is key, but the only way to remain truly consistent is to take the time out to plan your posts. If you're writing out a whole month worth of content, it can feel a bit overwhelming to fill it all, but here are the steps you should take to do it quickly and easily!

  1. Write your channels down in the top corner so you can clearly see how many channels you need to fill. It can be helpful to pull out some highlighters or colored pencils and give each channel a different color, that way if you have something you only want to post on Twitter, you can quickly identify it.

  2. Add holidays and office closures next, and this includes monthly observances, office birthdays and work-iversaries. If you usually struggle to fill your calendar, take a look at some of these funky holidays. You don't necessarily have to post that you're celebrating the holiday, but rather use it as a springboard to write something more directly related to your work. For example, a divorce mediation office could post about the importance of a solid parenting plan or holiday schedule on International Youth Day.

  3. Include your blog posts and launches. If you always post new blogs on Thursday mornings, then you already know that you'll be sharing it on your various social platforms. You can also take some time to share old posts that are still relevant and that your audience will enjoy. As for launches, you should have already written out a plan for how you wanted to share your new product/service with your audience, so go ahead and add those to the calendar. If part of your launch campaign includes sharing on social twice a week, you'll want the rest of your content calendar to balance it out.

  4. Now that you've added all of your posts and campaigns with specific dates, you can fill the rest of your calendar with helpful content and brand personality. This can be anything from inspiration quotes and stories to behind-the-scenes photos to testimonials, the possibilities are endless.

Creating a content calendar gets easier the more you do it. Add some time in your schedule to check out what other brands in your field are doing with their social media strategy, because it can help inform you as you're creating your own!