Digital Marketing 101: Website Audits

Updated: Jul 9

To many professionals, a website may not seem like much. I can tell you that through both my education and my personal buying habits, that a weak or non-responsive website is the reason that someone will decide against your company.

In the digital world, you have about 3 seconds to make an impression that will keep your posts showing up on someones feed moving forward. That means you need to put a great deal of thought and time into your digital presence.

You wouldn't show up to a networking event in your sweatpants! So why are you letting your website slide?

I have developed a full audit list for you to use when looking at your website. Go to your website and answer the below questions. Once you've answered them, you'll know exactly what needs to be brought to your web master's attention.

The first step to auditing your website is to ask these two questions: (1) is it secure? (2) is it connected to Google and other local directories?

Once you've answered this it's time to look at the tabs that help consumers navigate to the different pages of your website. Your tabs should follow the same steps of building a relationship, in website terms those steps are: Home, About, Team, Services, blog (or any additional pages you have), and Contact.

Now that everything is in the correct order, be sure that you can answer yes to each of the following questions for each page:

  1. Is your navigation responsive, does it change when hovered over and can you click it?

  2. Are your drop downs easy to read and select?

  3. Is your logo present at the top of the page?

  4. Is your logo responsive? Can you click it?

  5. Is your site responsive? Is it easily read on mobile, tablet or desktop?

  6. Is text placed over images easy to read?

  7. Is your copy broken down on each page? Are there bullet points and white space?

  8. Are your keywords present?

  9. Are there at least 150 words?

  10. Do you use a clear voice in your copy?

  11. Are your branded colors used?

  12. Are your branded fonts used?

  13. Do you have at least 1 clear CTA (call to action) in an obvious location?

  14. Does your CTA use active language?

  15. Does your CTA use contrasting colors?

  16. Are your photos high-quality, local and professional?

  17. Do your photos show personality? Are they authentic?

  18. Is your page free of stock photos?

  19. Do the images have suitable file names or alt-text? Here is an easy way to check for this one: When you save it to your desktop, what does it automatically save as? Does the name include your business name and location? Ex: open-market-agency-riverside-county-field-of-honor-event-murrieta-ca

  20. Is your contact information present in an obvious location?

  21. Is the contact information clickable? For example, when you click on the phone number from a mobile device, does it call?

  22. Are your social media links present?

  23. Do your social media pages open in a new window?

  24. Are your review channel links present?

  25. Do your review channels open in a new window?

  26. Are there any broken links on your page? A great way to check for this is by using a broken link checker to search your pages quickly.

Questions Specific to About Page

  1. Are you speaking to a clear audience?

  2. Do you include both story and facts?

  3. Do you have clear values? Do they come through in your About page copy?

  4. Is your copy personable?

  5. Do you give an overview of your journey?

  6. If your business does any charity work or gives any donations, is it discussed on your site?

  7. Do you have a link to services?

  8. Do you have a link to testimonials?

Questions Specific to Team Page

  1. Are there separate pages dedicated to each team member?