Digital Marketing 101: Facebook

Updated: Jul 9

Facebook is the perfect way to introduce your small business to your local market and build brand awareness. You can interact with both current and potential clients with ease and reach them on their mobile devices anywhere they are! Here are some tips on using Facebook for business successfully:

1. Facebook is a Social Space

The key to using Facebook successfully for your small business is to approach it as a networking opportunity. The goal is not to sell, but to start a conversation that will pull traffic to your website. You should make it a habit to comment and engage on other posts, and do it in a genuine manner, as both your personal page and your business page.

2. Create a Goal and Strategy

You won't know how successful your marketing strategy for Facebook is if you aren't tracking it, but you need to know where you're headed to be able to recognize if you're on the right path. Create a clear goal and strategy, then give yourself a time frame to get it done in.

3. Use a Genuine Voice for Your Business

Your audience won't follow you if you are in sales mode, what makes you different from your competitors is YOU! You'll want your brand voice to show your honest personality, not just be an elevator speech. People want to do business with real people.

4. Be Consistent

You should aim to post at least once every weekday. This can seem like a big feat, but with the scheduling tools available and the use of templates, you can do this fairly easily (even without a marketing team backing you up).

Download our FREE analytics tracking spreadsheet to keep all of your stats in one easy to understand document:

5. Encourage Conversation

Your posts should encourage your audience to get involved. They should want to share or comment, and when they do comment you should be replying consistently. Monitoring for comments and engagement at least once a day will allow your Facebook to be an opportunity for networking rather than a sales pitch, and this will make it more successful.

6. Be Visual

Facebook should be fun, and a great way to do that is through the use of photos and videos. More than just the visual you choose, you should have opportunities for interaction: contests, freebies, surveys, polls. The more engaging your page is, the more you'll see your traffic grow.

7. Network, Network, Network

Facebook is all about finding a community. You should behave the same way on Facebook that you would at a mixer. You have your own table set up with lots of information and freebies, but you also make the round of other businesses and build connections.

8. Use Facebook Insights

Using the analytics available on Facebook allows you to learn more about your audience. You can see when your people are most active, which tells you when you should be sharing your information, or you can see if a certain campaign was a total flop and needs to be revamped or completely rethought out.

Download our FREE analytics tracking spreadsheet to keep all of your stats in one easy to understand document:

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